More than 3,000 dragon boat race paddlers churn the water as crowds of spectators line Cockle Bay Wharf to see the spectacular 12 metre dragon boats battle it out at this event.

The largest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, this exciting regatta is on the weekend of Saturday 1 February and Sunday 2 February. This is the middle weekend of the two week, Sydney Lunar Festival celebrations.

Originating in the rivers of Southern China as a way to encourage prosperous rains, today dragon boat racing has evolved into a fast paced water sport with a passionate following. Feel your heart race in time with the on-board drummers as the fierce dragons slice through the water.

Taoist monks perform a blessing of the waters and a unique eye-dotting ceremony from 8:30am on Saturday 1 February. They dab red paint onto the eyes of each boat in a ritual that is said to awaken the dragons!

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