The inaugural Deborah Read Award was presented in 2007.  Since then, this annual event has given members of Dragons Abreast Sydney the opportunity to recognize and acknowledge the contribution, effort and qualities of one very special member of our club.

Deb Read was one of the original members of the Dragons Abreast Sydney team.  She was a very special person; a courageous person who had an enormous, positive impact on the health and well-being of others.
Through her work with the Encore program at the YWCA and her involvement with DAS, Deb led many cancer survivors to believe in their own strengths and to enjoy an active and full life. Her hard work, unique attitude and fun loving approach lifted our spirits.  Despite her own health challenges, Deb continued her devotion to paddling and coaching and was truly an inspirational leader.
This award, named in her memory, will be presented to someone from within our club who has demonstrated similar qualities and influences through such selfless effort, dedication, and hard work, all in the spirit of fun and a positive attitude…
You are asked to consider your peers and nominate a person who you feel would be a worthy recipient of this award.  In particular, your nominee should display characteristics relating to the categories listed within the Nomination Criteria (see below).
The final recipient will be decided by the Deb Read Award Committee after all submissions have been reviewed, and the award will be presented at the AGM 2020
Past recipients of the award are:
2007    Cynthia Kuiper
2008    Brenda Owen
2009    Claire Hendy
2010    Wilma Kippers
2011    Wendy Jensen
2012    Christine Mitchell
2013    Rosie O’Donnell
2014    Carol Fentoullis
2015    Vicki Farmer
2016    Robin Shoebridge
2017    Wendy Mann
2018   Carolyn New
2019    Sue McClelland

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